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A Scarf to Keep Me Warm or back to the basics

A few weeks ago I started this post about a scarf that I made. Today I’m in Los Angeles, looking out the window of a friend’s apartment at a lemon tree. Back home in Minneapolis 10″ of snow just fell – so it seems appropriate to post about warm snuggly scarves.

Chunky fun yarn...but what to do with it?!?

Chunky fun yarn…but what to do with it?!?

I have had a skein of yarn I have struggled with for years. A single skein of chunky, multi-colored wool that begged to be something cool. I tried multiple projects over the years, but they didn’t show off the yarn, or I knew I wouldn’t use them (or didn’t have the right person to give it to), so after a few rows, the projects were always ripped out.

Earlier this winter I saw social media post after social media post about arm knitting. I didn’t have time to look into it, but that idea inspired me to remember how to finger knit, something I probably haven’t done since I was 12. One of my favorite scarf patterns last year was a crochet pattern (Artfully Simply Infinity Scarf) that I never had enough yarn to do properly, but I liked the spirit of a long loop that could be worn multiple ways.

“This is it,” I thought. “I will make a long tail of finger knitting. This will work for my chunky fun yarn.”

Midway through the project, I demonstrated the future potential of the project to Joseph, wearing the new scarf over the scarf I was already wearing. He didn’t seem impressed, or more accurately, he was overly impressed with the number of colors I was wearing at once.

Long loop of scarf

The long loop

I have no work in progress photos, but 15 feet of finger knitting later, I had a lovely scarf – made while watching two hours of television and just in time to wear it for one of our lovely polar vortex days with a high of negative-this-is-ridiculous we’ve had too many of this winter.

The 12-hour old scarf, already out in the wild:

Wearing the scarf

Wearing the scarf
(Smile, Sara!)

The tutorial I used when I couldn’t quite remember the proper set up.

Bonus #museumselfie.

Museum Selfie with Scarf

#museumselfie with scarf
(at the James J. Hill House)


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