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Chipotle is in my head

I read this Quartz article yesterday about Chipotle and their company culture, and it’s been lurking in my brain ever since.

(The short version: Chipotle changed their company culture in 2005 to cultivate talent from within the organization and it’s working really well for the overall company and the employees. It’s not a long article, full reading is recommended!)

Company culture and the effect it can have is one of the side topics my brain visits. It was important to me as a manager, as an employee, and I (like many people) think it can make a big difference. So I like to think about it. Now that my husband and I have relocated and I’m looking for a job, I find it’s on my mind in a new way. As I look at position postings and think about what I want to do next, I find one of the biggest concerns for me is being in a culture of respect. I don’t mean we all sit in a sharing circle to start each day – I might run from that – but I want to be treated with respect as a person. I want everyone to be treated with respect. We’re all individuals with something to offer, and that something will nearly always be better if it comes from a place where we are valued.

Honestly, I’m not sure why this has been such a concern for me. I’ve worked (nearly) always in places where this is true, a given. Although I’ve worked in nonprofits and/or museums for a long time, I’m not sure I’ll stay there now, so maybe that’s part of it.  I’m happy to put in my time in a new industry, but I’m still a person with knowledge and skills, and like all people (I assume?), life is better when we are respected.


Sadly this is an old photo

One other thought from the article. To me the even more interesting part is the commitment to training and developing staff. It inspires me, makes me just a teensy bit jealous, and makes me want a burrito. But it also reinforces my own experience that hiring based on characteristics can be a better indicator of future success than specific knowledge, at least in certain jobs. For the purposes of today’s musings, I was happy to see “respectful” on Chipotle’s list of desired characteristics.



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