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People I like creating things I like: 5 projects to check out

I’m not always the greatest at mentioning projects that friends are working on. Instead of focusing on why that might be, today’s post is 5 projects that I encourage you to check out!

Wil Wheaton Project - new time!

1. First, because it’s on tonight–if you like geeky things, you probably know about The Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy already. (Quick little reminder, the new air time tonight is 9 pm (PT).) If you don’t know about it, it’s a weekly tv show where Wil explores and celebrates the world of science fiction and fandom. I encourage checking it out (9 pm tonight)! Not only is Wil a friend and person I like, my friend Josh Cagan is a producer* on the project, so I get to promote one project for two people I like! Also, if you live in or visit Los Angeles, you can go to the taping of the show on Mondays!

The Doubleclicks - Dimetrodon - cover

2. The Doubleclicks released their new album, Dimetrodon, last week. Aubrey & Angela Webber are wonderful women that I am proud to call friends. The album was produced by Mike Phirman, also known as the nicest person on the planet, who I also am delighted to call a friend. Plus they all make music. Fun and smart and interesting music that you can listen to and purchase lots of places! Also, they are touring to many (mainly west coast) cities in July and August, including San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles–details on their website!

Regret Labs logo

3. Comedians Levi Weinhagen & Aric McKeown recently started a new podcast about science: RegretLabs. It’s about liking science, wishing they remembered it better (or had studied it), and bringing in guests so they can ask science-related questions. And it’s funny. As a fellow science fan, this podcast is right up my alley. In my early 20’s I subscribed to two magazines, one of which was Discover. The other is not relevant to this post. Instead, listen! Laugh! Learn!

Sharon Stiteler, Birdchick4. My buddy Sharon Stiteler, The Birdchick, has a new YouTube series, Digiscoping with Clay and Sharon. I’m not a birdwatcher, but Sharon is great at sharing her excitement about birds and as a result, I find myself noticing birds far more than I used to. Score 1 for Sharon! If you are a birdwatcher, there’s some great footage of birds in the videos and technology that looks really cool to me.

Joseph Scrimshaw with santa hat

5. I know I occasionally mention projects that Joseph Scrimshaw, aka my husband, works on. As you may know, Joseph is friends with many musicians and a fan of mid-twentieth century comedy shows. What do these two things have in common? Holiday specials. Joseph is currently trying to raise funds via his Patreon to do a comedy holiday special. Not familiar with Patreon? Check out his blog post about the site and his holiday album aspirations.


Finally, if you want a new mug to sip your coffee/tea/water/whiskey/wine while you watch Sharon’s webseries, listen to Aric & Levi, listen to The Doubleclicks, and watch Wil’s show, Joseph has started adding projects to Society 6, like this:

Society 6 Coffee mug



*Blog updated 6/18 to correctly credit Josh Cagan as a producer on The Wil Wheaton Project.


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