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Annoyed rage becomes a onesie

Today I got mad. Then I decided to channel that negative energy toward something positive.

Here’s the something positive:

Here’s the backstory to why it’s there and what made me mad:

The past few days/weeks/months (I’ve lost track, but bottom line, too long) the trend to make clothes for girls that showcase damaging stereotypes keeps proving it doesn’t want to give up. Plenty of people have talked about this at length–check out this article in Jezebel about the onesies below or this Legion of Leia post about the ridiculous Batman’s wife shirt for more background.

The latest round was sparked by Target Canada selling these onesies:

Canada Target onesies

Photo by University of Waterloo psychology professor Christine Logel

At the moment I work near a tv that plays Fox Business all day. I’ve gained insights into different perspectives and a greater desire for shows where the panelists don’t yell and actually let each other finish their sentences (I’m looking at you, round table whatever your name is). This morning, the question about whether these onesies are sexist came up. I missed the beginning, but I swear, the prevailing argument was that THESE ARE NOT SEXIST BECAUSE WOMEN ARE MORE LIKELY THAN MEN TO THINK ABOUT WHO THEY WANT TO MARRY.

1. I don’t care if that is true. These are for babies. They are not thinking about marriage or dating.
2. The messages themselves might not be as sexist if both phrases were readily available in a variety of colors.

3. There are a lot of great options for onesies and t-shirts that don’t promote damaging sexist stereotypes–to anyone. I added the one at the top and a few others to Joseph Scrimshaw’s Society6 page:


Future Partner of a Hero onesie in gray

My response to the original outrage-inducing onesie.

Superhero in training pink onesie

The image says it. By the way, all the images link to the onesies directly if you want to buy them.









Come on Target. You just released this ad with Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert. You can help fight gender stereotypes. Continue to be a leader. Make the “I Only Date Heros” jumper in blue. In black. Hang it with the boys clothing.

Better yet, maybe fewer comments about dating for babies?


*In case you care, I updated this post on 10/2/14 to add the photos of the Future Partner of a Hero and Superhero in Training onesies.



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People I like creating things I like: 5 projects to check out

I’m not always the greatest at mentioning projects that friends are working on. Instead of focusing on why that might be, today’s post is 5 projects that I encourage you to check out!

Wil Wheaton Project - new time!

1. First, because it’s on tonight–if you like geeky things, you probably know about The Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy already. (Quick little reminder, the new air time tonight is 9 pm (PT).) If you don’t know about it, it’s a weekly tv show where Wil explores and celebrates the world of science fiction and fandom. I encourage checking it out (9 pm tonight)! Not only is Wil a friend and person I like, my friend Josh Cagan is a producer* on the project, so I get to promote one project for two people I like! Also, if you live in or visit Los Angeles, you can go to the taping of the show on Mondays!

The Doubleclicks - Dimetrodon - cover

2. The Doubleclicks released their new album, Dimetrodon, last week. Aubrey & Angela Webber are wonderful women that I am proud to call friends. The album was produced by Mike Phirman, also known as the nicest person on the planet, who I also am delighted to call a friend. Plus they all make music. Fun and smart and interesting music that you can listen to and purchase lots of places! Also, they are touring to many (mainly west coast) cities in July and August, including San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles–details on their website!

Regret Labs logo

3. Comedians Levi Weinhagen & Aric McKeown recently started a new podcast about science: RegretLabs. It’s about liking science, wishing they remembered it better (or had studied it), and bringing in guests so they can ask science-related questions. And it’s funny. As a fellow science fan, this podcast is right up my alley. In my early 20’s I subscribed to two magazines, one of which was Discover. The other is not relevant to this post. Instead, listen! Laugh! Learn!

Sharon Stiteler, Birdchick4. My buddy Sharon Stiteler, The Birdchick, has a new YouTube series, Digiscoping with Clay and Sharon. I’m not a birdwatcher, but Sharon is great at sharing her excitement about birds and as a result, I find myself noticing birds far more than I used to. Score 1 for Sharon! If you are a birdwatcher, there’s some great footage of birds in the videos and technology that looks really cool to me.

Joseph Scrimshaw with santa hat

5. I know I occasionally mention projects that Joseph Scrimshaw, aka my husband, works on. As you may know, Joseph is friends with many musicians and a fan of mid-twentieth century comedy shows. What do these two things have in common? Holiday specials. Joseph is currently trying to raise funds via his Patreon to do a comedy holiday special. Not familiar with Patreon? Check out his blog post about the site and his holiday album aspirations.


Finally, if you want a new mug to sip your coffee/tea/water/whiskey/wine while you watch Sharon’s webseries, listen to Aric & Levi, listen to The Doubleclicks, and watch Wil’s show, Joseph has started adding projects to Society 6, like this:

Society 6 Coffee mug



*Blog updated 6/18 to correctly credit Josh Cagan as a producer on The Wil Wheaton Project.

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Talented People

Inspired by Virginia Corbett’s Mod Podge necklace and Jessica Mills’ recent post on Tech Republic, I briefly questioned whether I would have time today to start and finish some small, geeky accessory for tonight’s Doctor Who watching party at the Parkway Theater. Even though I knew it was a ridiculous thought, I decided to check Etsy for inspiration and to see what other people are making and selling.

Just a few of today’s favorites, and I didn’t even get through half the pages for Doctor Who jewelry! (Click on the photo to get to the listing on Etsy)

Cafe with TARDIS necklace by ArtfulExcursions

TARDIS at The Cafe Terrace, inspired by “Vincent and the Doctor”
Pendant Necklace by ArtfulExcursions

TARDIS Starry Night Ring

TARDIS flying through Starry Night
Adjustable ring by BohemianCraftsody

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Symbol Cuff Bracelet

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Symbol Cuff Bracelet
by TimeMachineJewelry

"The Silver Devastation" Doctor Who Steampunk Necklace

“The Silver Devastation” Doctor Who Steampunk Necklace
also by TimeMachineJewelry

Finally, I didn’t see a lot of knit accessories (other than a lot of scarves), but here’s a nice knit TARDIS tote by The Knitting Pirate:

Doctor Who knit TARDIS Tote

Happy crafting and making and Doctor Who viewing!

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NYE cocktail #2: the boozy kind

Okay, there have been a few comments that my last post was a little misleading. In response, here’s an actual drink recipe-

In a moment.

Back in June, I had a little “Research Questions” day on Twitter. One of my questions asked about people’s favorite cocktail recipes using St. Germain. I didn’t link to @StGermainDrinks, but being the social media savvy company that they are, they quickly found my tweet and retweeted. I got a bunch of responses from people who don’t follow me, as well as ones from followers. It’s one of the experiences that caused me to do the survey. And I still have a lot of St. Germain drinks to try.

Onto the recipe – I received this one in response to the above tweet from @burnumd. Enjoy!

The auld lang:

  • .75 oz Aperol
  • .75 oz St. Germain
  • .75 oz rosemary-infused simple syrup
  • Shake & top with champagne

Enjoy! Better yet, let me know if you try this or if you have your own favorite New Year’s Eve cocktail!

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New Year’s Eve Cocktail

In my first post I made up a Scrimstreet Cocktail. I decided the end of the year is a good time to reflect on what it includes, and what better way than seeing how many “ingredients” will be incorporated into my New Year’s Eve celebrations?

I’ll be spending the evening at the Scrimshaw Brother’s annual New Year’s Eve show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Here goes:


  • Item 1, Arts/Museum manager: technically this isn’t a Joking Envelope show, but I’ll still be at the door greeting people, helping late arrivals find seats, etc. Check!
  • Item 2, Audience Data enthusiast: I’ll be watching the show and collecting anecdotal evidence about the audience’s reactions while I watch. Check!
  • Item 3, History lover: I’ve been in or at the show for at least 8 years, so this is part of my personal tradition. Check!
  • Item 4, Dancer: Hmm, this one isn’t there…yet.
  • Dash of geek & nerd: Fairly certain the show will provide this. Check!
  • Sprinkles of knit & crochet creations: They’re always there. If not a finished object that I’m wearing, at least a work in progress in my bag. Check! 

I don’t think there will be any vintage cocktail glasses, unless the Marie Antoinette plastic champagne glasses count as vintage…but there will definitely be sparkling wine.

Also, for anyone attending the show, I promise not to greet you looking a scary doll. (New Year’s Eve, 2007. I was in the show…)

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A basket of blankets

What random sentences from books stick with you and influence small parts of your brain?

Last night, I burnt a pan of rice pilaf. While cleaning it up, my mind turned to cozy things (aka making things that smell burnt into a good thing). One of the items on my mental cozy checklist is a basket of blankets. Specifically comfy, want-to-cuddle-with-them blankets.

A large basket lives in our living room, filled with blankets ranging from “okay” to “a little cozy.” The one blanket that comes closest to what I imagine doesn’t even live in the basket.

Crochet lap blanket. It lives on a chair, not on a table.

Years ago, probably in high school, I read Nancy Atherton’s “Aunt Dimity’s Death” for the first time. In the book, Lori, the protagonist, goes to visit her friend Meg at her home on the Maine coast. Meg has blankets:

“Meg’s “blankets” were her own personal works of art, hand-knitted afghans so soft and beautiful that I flinched whenever I saw them piled in haphazard heaps around the house. “I make them to be used,” Meg growled at anyone who dared to comment.”

From those two sentences, blankets became part of my cozy checklist (being on the Maine coast also helped). It’s random, I don’t plan to knit them all (maybe at least one), but someday the basket will be filled with blankets that are all in the “cozy” category.

There are so many little things like this, that we read or hear, that shape what we want or how we think. We add our own details, like my basket. I know I’m not the only one, what random sections of books stick with you? How are you engaged in ways you don’t even realize until later?


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