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Knitting Podcast!

I was on a podcast talking about knitting!

If you know me, you might know my husband Joseph has a podcast called OBSESSED. For his Thanksgiving episode, he decided to interview me about my obsession with knitting.

Sara and Joseph post-OBSESSED recording

It was a lot of fun! I haven’t actually listened to it yet! (But I will, soon!) You can find it in all its forms here!

Extrahappyknitting bonus, yesterday I learned that my 10 year old niece has recently taken up knitting. Like I said in the podcast, people are always knitting (and crocheting)!


Disclaimer to those who know lots about knitting: I consider myself a combination product & process knitter. I’m not really a technical knitter. I learn what I need to as I go along. I take pride in doing things well. Or finding a way that works better for me. So if there are errors in my descriptions of things, well–I knit and talk about knitting for enjoyment, not for encyclopedic knowledge. (But if you catch anything, feel free to comment if you are a technically-minded knitter! Just be a nice knitter. Don’t be the angry lady in the yarn store.)


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A Scarf to Keep Me Warm or back to the basics

A few weeks ago I started this post about a scarf that I made. Today I’m in Los Angeles, looking out the window of a friend’s apartment at a lemon tree. Back home in Minneapolis 10″ of snow just fell – so it seems appropriate to post about warm snuggly scarves.

Chunky fun yarn...but what to do with it?!?

Chunky fun yarn…but what to do with it?!?

I have had a skein of yarn I have struggled with for years. A single skein of chunky, multi-colored wool that begged to be something cool. I tried multiple projects over the years, but they didn’t show off the yarn, or I knew I wouldn’t use them (or didn’t have the right person to give it to), so after a few rows, the projects were always ripped out.

Earlier this winter I saw social media post after social media post about arm knitting. I didn’t have time to look into it, but that idea inspired me to remember how to finger knit, something I probably haven’t done since I was 12. One of my favorite scarf patterns last year was a crochet pattern (Artfully Simply Infinity Scarf) that I never had enough yarn to do properly, but I liked the spirit of a long loop that could be worn multiple ways.

“This is it,” I thought. “I will make a long tail of finger knitting. This will work for my chunky fun yarn.”

Midway through the project, I demonstrated the future potential of the project to Joseph, wearing the new scarf over the scarf I was already wearing. He didn’t seem impressed, or more accurately, he was overly impressed with the number of colors I was wearing at once.

Long loop of scarf

The long loop

I have no work in progress photos, but 15 feet of finger knitting later, I had a lovely scarf – made while watching two hours of television and just in time to wear it for one of our lovely polar vortex days with a high of negative-this-is-ridiculous we’ve had too many of this winter.

The 12-hour old scarf, already out in the wild:

Wearing the scarf

Wearing the scarf
(Smile, Sara!)

The tutorial I used when I couldn’t quite remember the proper set up.

Bonus #museumselfie.

Museum Selfie with Scarf

#museumselfie with scarf
(at the James J. Hill House)

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Talented People

Inspired by Virginia Corbett’s Mod Podge necklace and Jessica Mills’ recent post on Tech Republic, I briefly questioned whether I would have time today to start and finish some small, geeky accessory for tonight’s Doctor Who watching party at the Parkway Theater. Even though I knew it was a ridiculous thought, I decided to check Etsy for inspiration and to see what other people are making and selling.

Just a few of today’s favorites, and I didn’t even get through half the pages for Doctor Who jewelry! (Click on the photo to get to the listing on Etsy)

Cafe with TARDIS necklace by ArtfulExcursions

TARDIS at The Cafe Terrace, inspired by “Vincent and the Doctor”
Pendant Necklace by ArtfulExcursions

TARDIS Starry Night Ring

TARDIS flying through Starry Night
Adjustable ring by BohemianCraftsody

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Symbol Cuff Bracelet

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Symbol Cuff Bracelet
by TimeMachineJewelry

"The Silver Devastation" Doctor Who Steampunk Necklace

“The Silver Devastation” Doctor Who Steampunk Necklace
also by TimeMachineJewelry

Finally, I didn’t see a lot of knit accessories (other than a lot of scarves), but here’s a nice knit TARDIS tote by The Knitting Pirate:

Doctor Who knit TARDIS Tote

Happy crafting and making and Doctor Who viewing!

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Mustache/Moustache Time and Yarn

I added a new page to my blog this week, Mustache/Moustache Time. It’s related to this cruise I’ll be on next week, but it’s also about relating to the world via yarn.

First, for those who might be distracted about why we need moustaches for a cruise. Last year, on the first JoCo Cruise Crazy, Paul F. Tompkins was originally scheduled to be a performer. He had to back out prior to the event due to other work commitments. Holland America, the cruise line, also decided not to have an official formal night on our cruise. These two facts mixed around together and became the Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Moustache Formal.

I was on the cruise last year, and my adhesive mustache kept falling off my finger (which I used to hold the moustache to my lip in dapper fashion). As a knitter and crocheter who believes that crafting is good, this year I decided to make a mustache. On a ring. Then I decided a mustache on a string might be even better. With a stick, so you can use it like opera glasses. For your upper lip.

Others have written why they knit/crochet/craft, but this is one of the things I love about playing with yarn: I can get a random idea in my head and try it out. If it doesn’t work, I can try again, adapting it and sculpting it with my needles or hook. I like the process of taking an idea, playing with it for a little bit, and ending up with a finished object. (At least when it’s small, like a mustache on a stick on a string.)

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A basket of blankets

What random sentences from books stick with you and influence small parts of your brain?

Last night, I burnt a pan of rice pilaf. While cleaning it up, my mind turned to cozy things (aka making things that smell burnt into a good thing). One of the items on my mental cozy checklist is a basket of blankets. Specifically comfy, want-to-cuddle-with-them blankets.

A large basket lives in our living room, filled with blankets ranging from “okay” to “a little cozy.” The one blanket that comes closest to what I imagine doesn’t even live in the basket.

Crochet lap blanket. It lives on a chair, not on a table.

Years ago, probably in high school, I read Nancy Atherton’s “Aunt Dimity’s Death” for the first time. In the book, Lori, the protagonist, goes to visit her friend Meg at her home on the Maine coast. Meg has blankets:

“Meg’s “blankets” were her own personal works of art, hand-knitted afghans so soft and beautiful that I flinched whenever I saw them piled in haphazard heaps around the house. “I make them to be used,” Meg growled at anyone who dared to comment.”

From those two sentences, blankets became part of my cozy checklist (being on the Maine coast also helped). It’s random, I don’t plan to knit them all (maybe at least one), but someday the basket will be filled with blankets that are all in the “cozy” category.

There are so many little things like this, that we read or hear, that shape what we want or how we think. We add our own details, like my basket. I know I’m not the only one, what random sections of books stick with you? How are you engaged in ways you don’t even realize until later?


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