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Memories, photos, and my uncle Phil

I’ve been thinking about memories a lot lately. When we want to hear other people’s memories and when other people want to share their memories with us. About where and how we share our memories. The places that inspire people to remember what happened there or to share what happened someplace similar. The beach. A park. The state fair.

I was going to post something yesterday, but Evernote ate my notes, I couldn’t find the right approach, and other things filled up that space in my day. This morning I heard the news that one of my uncles passed away last night, so I decided to start my new memories category with a post that includes Philip Holt Zimmerschied, 1927-2014.

1938 Yellowstone Mt Washburn with snow


1938 Yellowstone Mt Washburn photo text

Phil is the young boy standing in front of the car. If you can’t make out the text on the back of the photo, it reads:

Near the top of Mount Washburn Yellow Stone Park July 3d 1938. The snow bank behind us is about 10 feet deep near the front of the car. The snow on the other side of the road about the same. Elevation about 9600 feet top of Mt Washburn 10,317 feet.


Photos, national parks, transportation, and weather all make great prompts for sharing memories. Please feel welcome to share your own memory about any of these topics in the comments, or use this post as inspiration to ask someone else about their life.  We often ask people older than us about their memories, but I think it’s important to share the stories of people of all ages. I’d love to know what 11 year old Phil thought about this trip through Yellowstone.




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