View of the Pond

We’re having an open house to sell our home right now. Getting ready for it has provided a good opportunity to reflect on living there, so I thought I’d share. Here’s one of my favorite spots:

I’ve spent time reading in this nook and working in this nook, but I’ve spent the most time looking out the window and enjoying the view.
Snowy pond

One of our favorite things about this house, even before it was our house, was the fact that there aren’t houses across the street–there’s a small pond. I look out this window and see an old-fashioned style streetlamp, perfectly framed by two trees. Cross the sidewalk and there’s a little bench, where Joseph and I first talked about the possibility of purchasing this house. ViewBeyond the bench is the pond. It’s just the right size for feeling like you have an oasis in the middle of the city. There’s a sidewalk that goes around it, perfect for a quick breath of fresh air. Ducks make the pond their home every summer. I’ve had the thrill of seeing blue herons and egrets stop by on their way somewhere else. DucksAnd I love that it’s not a big lake—neighbors walk their dogs around it, kids play by it, but nobody drives here to visit the pond. We’re lucky to live near other parks, lakes, and waterways that are wonderful destinations–but this pond quietly remains a neighborhood pond.
Kids playing

Now our house is for sale, and it’s time for someone else to enjoy the pond. But for now, while our house is cleaner and emptier than it ever has been, amidst the stress of having other people constantly in your house, judging it (and you), I’m grateful for the little moments of peace when I can enjoy the extra-clean nooks in our home.  The calm moments when I can sit (inside, because it’s cold in MN) and enjoy the view of the pond.


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