Release of the Flaws

Remember the 24-hour countdown? As you may know, the Kickstarter succeeded in June, the comedy album was recorded live at the Bryant Lake Bowl in September, the musicians sent us all of their awesome songs, and all the pieces were bundled off to become an album in October. Last week, the Kickstarter backers received their rewards. Today, November 5, the album is released to the public:


I’m still super proud of Joseph Scrimshaw, for having the guts to attempt this and the skills to pull it off. I’m proud of my part, too, from researching digital music rights/distribution to working the live shows to organizing Kickstarter reward level parties and including baby tomatoes as one of the snacks (well, I ate them, even if nobody else did). And the joy of listening to the music, knowing that we (along with the enormous help of the wonderful amazing Kickstarter backers) helped to make it exist, is a wonderful feeling.

Kickstarter reward party

Reward party in action. I’m taking pictures and eating baby tomatoes.

Listen along with me today, while you’re standing in line waiting to vote, on your drive home from work, or late at night as you enjoy a cup of tea or a sip of whiskey. You can stream the full album (comedy and music) at Bandcamp. Better yet, just buy the album. Buy another copy for a friend while you’re there.

Flaw Fest live show

Before the Flaws: the live show at the Bryant Lake Bowl

I have so many favorite lines from the show and the songs. But if a little scavenger hunt of find-the-line helps, here are two of my favorites this morning:

“I thought eggs were a restaurant only food!”

“The ultimate element of surprise is crouching down on your thighs.”

Enjoy, and thank you.


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