A morning walk

This morning the bus dropped me off in St. Paul a little early, and while I was walking toward work I decided to go a few extra blocks to get coffee at Nina’s Cafe. It sounded nice to have a little longer walk and I had a coupon that was about to expire.

As I  left and started walking toward work, drinking my coffee and looking forward to the bagel I bought, (I was in a hurry to catch the bus this morning and forgot to grab something to eat for breakfast. Don’t judge. Also, supporting small local businesses, right?) I thought about Nina’s Cafe – I enjoy it and frequently recommend it to others, but rarely go there myself anymore. I decided I should have taken a photo (cool architecture, free-hanging stained glass, etc.). I’m trying to take more pictures of day-to-day life, so instead I decided to take a few quick snaps (often with my random filter on) along my short walk to work.

Virginia Avenue, St. Paul

Cathedral Hill neighborhood, St. Paul

 I snapped a picture of the house and garden in front of me.

House and garden, Cathedral Hill neighborhood, St. Paul

As I turned the corner, thinking about the Summit Avenue walking tours I used to lead along these streets, I was startled by a deer in someone’s back yard. See him?

Deer in backyardI took the next picture right as the Cathedral bells rang, informing me that I was no longer early for work and would be a few minutes late. Luckily, I was standing in front of one of the many places F. Scott Fitzgerald lived, and by this point thoroughly on the Summit Avenue walking tour route, so (bonus!) my photos were all work-related.

Fitzgerald home, Laurel Terrace

As a boy, F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in two different row houses here with his grandmother.

Speaking of Fitzgerald and work, I recommend the F. Scott Fitzgerald walking tours – you get to explore the environment of his early life and walk through a gem of a St. Paul neighborhood.

Summit Avenue, filtered

Summit Avenue, random filter

Now I was back on Summit Avenue, so I crossed the street and went to work.

Gate house

James J. Hill House (filtered)

Walking up the Hill House steps

Reminders (for me, for you, or for somebody else!):

  • Go to Nina’s Cafe (Selby & Western)
  • Enjoy a walk in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood
  • Sign up for the Fitzgerald walking tour. Also, there’s a new edition of Fitzgerald’s boyhood journal coming out in September. And a new Fitzgerald in St. Paul organization. They’re having a birthday party/book event at the Hill House on Fitzgerald’s 117th birthday.
  • Take pictures of daily life.

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