24-hour countdown

First: I’m biased.

Obvious disclaimer out of the way, I continue.

Joseph Scrimshaw is a driven man who loves comedy.

I am a fan of his Kickstarter campaign because I think the existence of these songs would be AWESOME.

The fans who have pushed this campaign, increased their pledges, and done whatever they can this week to move this forward are AMAZING. These are people that everyone should want on their side. Many of them I am lucky to call friends, but I am thankful to all of them.

As I write this, the Kickstarter has 24 hours left. It’s just under $12,000 away from its goal. That means $500 every hour and this awesome project can become a reality. Heck, $1000 for the next 12 hours and maybe Mr. Scrimshaw will actually sleep tonight.

It’s a campaign that’s reaching high. Joseph knows that. The reasons it’s expensive are outlined pretty clearly on the project page. One way or another, the comedy show will still get recorded someday. But this collection of songs will be gone.

Ultimately, it’s not about the money.* It’s about the belief in something cool. It’s about dreaming big and the willingness to reach. It’s about collaboration and sharing the process of creating. It’s about admitting that creating new work can be hard.

I’d like this project to get funded. I’d like to think that enough people are interested in the idea, want to help encourage the musicians to write new songs, or just want a ticket to the live performance, that it can happen. I used to listen to pledge drives for fun (I got over that). I’ll be refreshing my browsers a lot tonight and tomorrow.

But whether it funds or not, I’ll be damn proud of Joseph Scrimshaw and his willingness to chase and share his dreams.

FlawFest: A Comedy and Music Album.

*Obvious point number 2: whether this project happens IS about the money. I’m posting today because of the money. But I think the deeper core of this project (and many projects, Kickstarters or not), goes way beyond the pure financial aspect.


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