the little positives

It’s been a long, tough day and it’s not even 11:00 in the morning as I start writing this. Less than an hour ago I was sitting at my desk at work, trying to fight back the tears that wanted release from my eyes, uncertain whether I was willing to admit via FB post, tweet, or email to a few who would understand, the question that was in my mind:  

What do you do to get yourself going when you are so overwhelmed and exhausted that you don’t even remember which foot moves next?

The past few days have been tough. I’ve worked far too many hours at my regular job (but don’t feel at all on top of my work), neglected things that need doing for Joking Envelope, and a dear friend passed away yesterday. Of course other people have larger problems, but I can tell I am feeling the effects of mental, physical, and emotional stress. 

I decided to push through, to raise my sit/stand desk to standing, to attempt to just do something easy like scheduling while my mental self healed a little.

Then somebody gave me good news. It wasn’t anything major, but it was good.

And with that news, continuing to work productively felt possible. There’s still a lot to do, and later I plan to write about John Munger: dancer, choreographer, and friend. But for now, I have an answer to my question and a reminder not to hesitate in sharing small good things, because you never know who you just helped ever so slightly


Full disclosure: The good news partially affected my upcoming workload, so it was specific to my current stress. But I don’t think I was even registering that at the time.



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2 responses to “the little positives

  1. Maria

    Sorry to hear about yesterday, but I’m glad today didn’t overwhelm. They might not be graceful, but maybe stumbles are part of the dance, too.

    Keep being amazing.

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