Alternate reality update

Turns out I made a few coworkers and current employers a little bit nervous with my last post.

To be clear, I love my current jobs. All of them. My full time work, my contract work, running a company, and the things I do for fun/personal fulfillment.

The post started out as an exploration of the fact that I think about being a programmer/working in the tech industry, just like people think about being a physicist or a lawyer or a dancer. Admitting to thinking about it doesn’t mean they are trying to pursue it.

While I was writing the post, I started thinking about how much of my work lately (and I know this applies to a lot of people) includes more tasks related to the technical side of computers and the internet than it used to. Content creators have to learn how to share their content with their audience, and a lot of times that audience is best found online – or at a minimum being online is a necessary form of communication. Support staff for content creators really have to learn this. That’s where my alternate reality comes in. In that alternate world, where I started as a programmer, maybe I would have fantasized about arts/cultural management and arrived here anyway.


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