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Inspired by Virginia Corbett’s Mod Podge necklace and Jessica Mills’ recent post on Tech Republic, I briefly questioned whether I would have time today to start and finish some small, geeky accessory for tonight’s Doctor Who watching party at the Parkway Theater. Even though I knew it was a ridiculous thought, I decided to check Etsy for inspiration and to see what other people are making and selling.

Just a few of today’s favorites, and I didn’t even get through half the pages for Doctor Who jewelry! (Click on the photo to get to the listing on Etsy)

Cafe with TARDIS necklace by ArtfulExcursions

TARDIS at The Cafe Terrace, inspired by “Vincent and the Doctor”
Pendant Necklace by ArtfulExcursions

TARDIS Starry Night Ring

TARDIS flying through Starry Night
Adjustable ring by BohemianCraftsody

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Symbol Cuff Bracelet

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Symbol Cuff Bracelet
by TimeMachineJewelry

"The Silver Devastation" Doctor Who Steampunk Necklace

“The Silver Devastation” Doctor Who Steampunk Necklace
also by TimeMachineJewelry

Finally, I didn’t see a lot of knit accessories (other than a lot of scarves), but here’s a nice knit TARDIS tote by The Knitting Pirate:

Doctor Who knit TARDIS Tote

Happy crafting and making and Doctor Who viewing!


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