Mustache/Moustache Time and Yarn

I added a new page to my blog this week, Mustache/Moustache Time. It’s related to this cruise I’ll be on next week, but it’s also about relating to the world via yarn.

First, for those who might be distracted about why we need moustaches for a cruise. Last year, on the first JoCo Cruise Crazy, Paul F. Tompkins was originally scheduled to be a performer. He had to back out prior to the event due to other work commitments. Holland America, the cruise line, also decided not to have an official formal night on our cruise. These two facts mixed around together and became the Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Moustache Formal.

I was on the cruise last year, and my adhesive mustache kept falling off my finger (which I used to hold the moustache to my lip in dapper fashion). As a knitter and crocheter who believes that crafting is good, this year I decided to make a mustache. On a ring. Then I decided a mustache on a string might be even better. With a stick, so you can use it like opera glasses. For your upper lip.

Others have written why they knit/crochet/craft, but this is one of the things I love about playing with yarn: I can get a random idea in my head and try it out. If it doesn’t work, I can try again, adapting it and sculpting it with my needles or hook. I like the process of taking an idea, playing with it for a little bit, and ending up with a finished object. (At least when it’s small, like a mustache on a stick on a string.)


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  1. Paul F. Tompkins has such a marvelous mustache. It would be missed in any setting.

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