New Year’s Eve Cocktail

In my first post I made up a Scrimstreet Cocktail. I decided the end of the year is a good time to reflect on what it includes, and what better way than seeing how many “ingredients” will be incorporated into my New Year’s Eve celebrations?

I’ll be spending the evening at the Scrimshaw Brother’s annual New Year’s Eve show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Here goes:


  • Item 1, Arts/Museum manager: technically this isn’t a Joking Envelope show, but I’ll still be at the door greeting people, helping late arrivals find seats, etc. Check!
  • Item 2, Audience Data enthusiast: I’ll be watching the show and collecting anecdotal evidence about the audience’s reactions while I watch. Check!
  • Item 3, History lover: I’ve been in or at the show for at least 8 years, so this is part of my personal tradition. Check!
  • Item 4, Dancer: Hmm, this one isn’t there…yet.
  • Dash of geek & nerd: Fairly certain the show will provide this. Check!
  • Sprinkles of knit & crochet creations: They’re always there. If not a finished object that I’m wearing, at least a work in progress in my bag. Check! 

I don’t think there will be any vintage cocktail glasses, unless the Marie Antoinette plastic champagne glasses count as vintage…but there will definitely be sparkling wine.

Also, for anyone attending the show, I promise not to greet you looking a scary doll. (New Year’s Eve, 2007. I was in the show…)


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