Survey Time! Non-Personal Twitter Accounts and You

A few weeks ago I put out a little survey asking people about how they interact with non-personal Twitter accounts. I was going to write about the results, but the day I was going to start going through my data, the Guardian wrote up a study on how people interact with big brands. I wanted to read it before posting. They were asking different questions, so I felt my little survey was still relevant.

I admit, I wanted more responses. I’m a survey geek. I think this is fun. Clearly this isn’t a statistically accurate survey. But I’m interested in what people have to say, for myself as an independent Twitter user and as someone who runs a non-personal Twitter account. And I suspect other people might find this information useful, too.

So here’s the survey. I’d love it if you fill it out. I’d love it if you share it with others and they fill it out. And next week, I’ll actually post about the results.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheet/embeddedform” query=”formkey=dHRwVUNiLUotelZ4NC1YcnVGcEYwdGc6MQ” width=”760″ height=”2156″ /]

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