Learning to have opinions

When I was a kid, I stayed with a friend of the family for a few days. Every time she asked a question and I replied with “I don’t care,” I got in trouble. I wasn’t being cheeky, I just didn’t have a preference. The friend, a strong lady who believed people should have opinions, wanted me to learn to stand up for myself. I didn’t want to put her to any extra trouble.

Fast forward to now. I recently realized one of the reasons I started this blog was to push myself to put my thoughts & opinions out in the world. I’ve got a good chunk of stiff-upper-lip/nordic stoicism in my background, and one of my chosen fields is audience engagement – which involves a fair amount of paranoia about accidentally upsetting people.

At the same time, I believe pushing yourself is necessary to personal growth, and having opinions is necessary to not melting into the carpet. Don’t get me wrong, I have always had opinions. My mother will laugh at any comments suggesting I am not strong-willed. But whether or not I am willing to share them out of context, where anyone can find them at any time, is something else.

For the record, I’ve graduated from “I don’t care” to “either is fine.” Unless it’s not. Then you’ll hear about it.


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