Audience surveys via QR codes

QR codes are discussed a lot as marketing tools, but what about using them to make audience research easier? This spring, the comedy company my husband and I run, Joking Envelope, included a QR code in the program for our spring show (Sexy Librarian: File Under Rock Musical). It opened directly to an online version of our audience survey.

As you see in the program excerpt, paper surveys were also distributed. Sometimes the QR code was pointed out when programs were handed out, sometimes not, depending on how busy it was.

We were very pleased with the results. It lowered our paper usage and reduced the number of surveys to be entered manually. About 15% of surveys filled out during the run of the show were entered via QR code. As the one who enters and analyzes the data, having a significant number of surveys I didn’t have to enter was great. And personally, I like trying to incorporate new(er) technology, both to interact with our audience and to let me do my job better.

What would I do differently in the future? Perhaps create the QR code from a shortened link (the survey was via Google docs) so the code itself would be easier for phones to read. Given the short time frame we were actually collecting the data (one month), the risk of the link not working would be pretty slim.

How have you seen arts organizations using QR codes? Anyone else using it to directly collect audience response?


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